Wind, Rain, Trees, Trouble

Save A Tree!

While this is not part of my series,  “100 Ways to Prepare Your Escondido home for sale,”  the things mentioned below could certainly help you sell your Escondido real estate.  With the winter storms starting to come into the San Diego North County area,  now is the t ime to protect your property.

I came home last night to find the large pepper tree in my front yard leaning towards the street.  The roots were starting to break the ground giving a warning of what is surely  to come.   Will I loose the tree, maybe, but what could I have done to avoid the problem and what can you do now to save a tree?

Start by just looking at the trees around your Escondido home.  If they are lopsided like my pepper tree, trim them to be symetrical.   The next thing to do is thin out  some of the limbs.  Your goal is to not have the tree be so top heavy when it is soaked with rain.    Thinning out a tree will lead to more limbs and leaves in the spring, making your tree more appealing to the Escondido home buyer.  The last thing to do, especially for small trees, is to stake them between two strong stakes until they develop a good root system.  All of these things  will help protect your Escondido home from the wind and rain storms soon to come.  For more things you can do to make your Escondido real estate ready to sell, contact Gary Harmon or read the post under the “Seller” category.