White Pelicans at Lake San Marcos

The white pelicans have returned to Lake San Marcos for the winter.

Photo by Gary Harmon

If you are a boater, you know that Lake San Marcos is rich in audubon wildlife.  In fact, we have over one hundred different species of birds that visit our shores.  None is more beautiful that the white pelicans.

The American White Pelican is one of the longest birds that is native to North America.  Males can be from 50-90 inches in length counting the large bills that can be over 15 inches.  The wing span of the largest of these birds can reach 10 feet.  White Pelicans are for the most part white except for the trailing edge of their large wings.  This edge is black and can only be seen in flight.

For the most part the white pelicans on Lake San Marcos are very shy.  Please keep your boat at a reasonable distance so not to frighten these majestic birds.  While sitting on a dock they appear clumsy, but the minute they hit the sky, they are a thing of aerial beauty.

In addition to the white pelicans, we get an occasional visit from the gray marine pelicans.

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