What's My Escondido Home Worth?

Escondido Home

I just got an email from a potential seller asking me what their Escondido home was worth.  My first reaction was to go to the San Diego North County MLS and to quickly send out a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to the potential North County  home seller.   Then, I would also provide helpful information on selling North County homes.  But I stopped, and ask myself, “What information does the potential seller of Escondido real estate need to make the best decisions?”

Ask the Right Questions

I realized to be the best Escondido Realtor that I could be, I would have to get a lot more information from the potential Escondido seller. There are many kinds of value depending what you need the value for.  For example, are you thinking of selling your Escondido real estate?  Are you trying to lower your taxes on your Escondido home?   Is it for estate planning purposes?   Is it a divorce?  Are you trying to refinance your Escondido property?    So I sent out an email asking for more input from the seller.  Hopefully, when you decide to sell your Escondido home  you can now ask your Escondido Realtor the right questions.

Teach a Man How to Fish

In the world of the Internet there are many things you can do to get answers for yourself on Escondido real estate values.  Two great sources are Quick Homes Search MLS and ListingBook.  You can set up a free account for yourself and “Search like an agent!”

For more information on buying or selling Escondido real estate, please contact Gary Harmon, your top Escondido Realtor.