What is Title Insurance?

Why You Need California Title Insurance

California Title Company

California Title Company

To understand the definition of “what is title insurance” you must understand why you need title insurance. Since the purchase of Escondido real estate may be your largest investment, it is important that California Title Company insures you get a clear title when you buy your Escondido home. Most people think of insurance as something you buy to protect you against something that might happen in the future. For example, your Escondido property insurance policy protects you against fire or other claims for events that haven’t happened as of yet. Title insurance provided by California Title Company protects you against events or claims that are past events (ie., an event that occurs before the acquisition of your Escondido real estate.) Past events may have created an interest or a lien upon the property. These claims may be made by lenders, prior owners, governmental bodies, IRS, creditors, or others.

Protect Against Past Claims or Liens

To search for any past claims or liens, California Title Company conducts a thorough search of the public records for those documents associated with the property. CalTitle examines recorded documents to determine it there are any claims that might impact the property ownership. Any discovered liens or title defects are reported to you before you close escrow and can be accepted, resolved or extinguished prior to you becoming owner. This is one of the major benefits of buying California Title Insurance.

Protect Against Hidden Claims

The second and perhaps most important benefit of California Title Insurance is to protect you against “hidden claims.” Matters such as forgery, incompetency or incapacity of the parties, fraudulent impersonation, and unknown errors in the records are examples of “hidden risks” which could provide a basis for a claim after you have purchased your Escondido home. In order to protect you against this possibility, California Title Company provides insurance coverage for such claims.

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