What is a Short Sale?

Short Sale (definition) = A sale where your lender (or lenders) agree to accept less than they are due (total loans outstanding) on the sale of your San Diego North County home. In other words, the proceeds from the transaction will not generate enough money to payoff the existing loan and closing cost.  Short Sales usually occur in a real estate market where the actual value of your San Diego home has dropped below the outstanding loan balances against the North County home.  Convincing your lender to reduce its loan balance to close the sale is often challenging and requires the skills of a proven, seasoned San Diego North County real estate agent. 

Gary is a seasoned agent that can help you with a Short Sale.  Contact Gary Harmon, your short sale expert  today!   Get a summary of  “Short Sale Basics.”  Find out  “How to Qualify for a Short Sale.”  Find, “What are the Advantages of a Short Sale.”  And see “Short Sale Supporting Documentation” a lender may need.