Waiting Period after Short Sale or Foreclosure

One of the most frequently asked questions these days has to do with how long someone has to wait before they can buy a new San Diego North County home after experiencing a foreclosure, short-sale or bankruptcy. It can be vary depending on the type of financing one is trying to obtain.

VA financing is the most lenient. Typically, one has to wait two-years in all cases. Extenuating circumstances could reduce the amount of time before one could buy.

FHA is typically three-years in the case of a foreclosure or short-sale, two-years with a chapter 7 bankruptcy and one-year for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Personally, I think FHA financing is the best option for most people.

Conventional financing is the most restrictive. Seven-years is usually the waiting period for a foreclosure but in some cases it can be only three-years. Short-sales are from seven down to two-years, depending upon the amount of the  down-payment. A chapter 7 bankruptcy is two to four-years with a chapter 13 being the same.

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