Tips on Voting in this 2010 Election – California and Federal

Get Out and Vote

I will not attempt to tell you how to vote in this general election, but would like to encourage everyone in San Diego North County to mail in your ballot or go to your polling place and vote for the canditate of your choice.  Vote in the State, County, and local races.

The first and perhaps the most important election it the race for Governor of California.  The leading canditates are Jerry Brown, democrat and Meg Whitman, the republican candidate.  Who can create new jobs, hold down taxes, and offer hope for a California that is in trouble?  Who is more of the same?

The second (maybe first) most important election is the race for California Senator.  You can vote for the democrat, Barbara Boxer, a long time incumbent, or for Carly Fiorina.  Again, who will lower taxes and change what is going on in Washington.  The following video is offered for entertainment purposes, but also to make you ask, “Who will raise taxes?”  “Who can fix Californai?”  Please get out and vote.

The Tax Man

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