Tips on Contacting Escondido Home Owners in Default

Be quick in contacting the Escondido home owner.

You have always heard, “The early bird gets the worm.”  That is very true when trying to get a good deal on Escondido real estate.  You should not wait too long before you make contact with the Escondido home owner that is in default.  Remember it is 120 days from the notice of default until the bank usually takes back the Escondido house.  Once you have gotten together a down payment, have been prequalified with a good lender like HomeServices Lending, you need to make contact with the home owner for any Escondido property that you have interest in.

Be nimble when contacting the Escondido home owner.

You basically have the following three ways to contact the Escondido property owner.

  1. Send the Escondido property owner a note or letter.  An email would work, but you probably do not have that address.
  2. Call the Escondido home owner if you have a telephone number.
  3. Drive to the Escondido property and knock on the door.  I do not recommend the 3rd option; there may be risk involved.

You may find that you end up using some combination of the above three methods to get intouch with the owner.  Contacting these Escondido home owners who are in default can be the most intimidating step in trying to buy a pre-foreclosure Escondido property.  When the house is already bank owned (REO) you would be contacting a lender directly.  Inexperienced Escondido foreclosure buyers should contact their Escondido Realtor who has some expertise in Escondido foreclosures.

If you are able to make contact with the Escondido owner, remember that they have no obligation to talk to you or work with you.  Let them know that you will give them an option that will be beneficial to them as well as to you as the Escondido home buyer.  You want to make it win-win.  Help the Escondido home owner walk away from the bad situation that they are in without an Escondido foreclosure on their credit.  Even better if they can walk away with a minimum amount of cash.

Be professional will dealing with a pre-foreclosure owner of an Escondido home.

After you have made initial contact, try to set up a meeting so you can see the Escondido real estate and discuss the situations and many options.  Be sure to find out how many loans are against the Escondido home.  If the home is “underwater” where there is more debt than value to the home, you should probably just walk away.  It would be very difficult for you to negoiate a short sale on their Escondido property.

When you contact the Escondido owner they may not want to talk to you immediately.  In that case leave them your name, phone #, email address, etc. and tell them to call you if they change their mind.

Last Tip when contacting an Escondido pre-foreclosure owner.

Expect some rejection from the pre-foreclosure owner.  They are in a very bad and sometimes embarrasing situation.  Try to be sensitive that they are going through hard times.  They may feel that you are just there to try to take advantage of them.  In any case, be prepared, be respectful, and just move on if they are not interested.  Gary Harmon, your Escondido Realtor, has delt with many short sale and foreclosure situation.  Let his 21 years of experience help you save money and hassle on your next Escondido home purchase.