Tips for Senior Citizens – Ocean Hills Home Buyers

Senior citizens today are certainly much more fit than just a few years ago.  In fact, they exhibit the same variety of health and fitness as people much younger. Seniors ( Over 55 )  who have actively taken care of themselves are probably more fit than some in their teens and 20s who shun exercise and live on fast food.

Seniors move for a variety of reasons, but here are some of the most popular motivations for the 55+ crowd.

  • Change of Scenery – Many senior citizens choose to remain in their homes, while others want a change of scenery. There is no better way to get a change of scenery than moving  into a beautiful San Diego North County home.                                       
  • Get Away from Excessive Maintenance – Seniors may choose a smaller North County home with a smaller yard or perhaps a condo.  San Diego North County homes offers a variety of good choices.  Top examples are Ocean Hills Country Club homes, Emerald Lake Village, Rancho Carlsbad homes, Oceana homes or Seven Oaks and Oaks North homes.  All are good low maintenance choices.
  • Pursue Hobbies -Many seniors may want to pursue hobbies or play golf or tennis.  Many have something they want to do that they couldn’t do while living in their prior homes or locations.  Ocean Hills Country Club has a variety of different clubs, something for everyone.  If you don’t see it in the Ocean Hills club list,  your can start your own.  Chances are many people will join in on the fun.  Ocean Hills has a great golf course and the green fees are part of your dues.  They also have tennis courts and a beautiful clubhouse.
  • Buy a Motor Home and Travel – Some just want to get away. They’ll sell the old homestead and jump into a motor home so they can see the places they’ve been dreaming about for all those years when they were tied to both their job and their home.  Ocean Hills (OHCC) has a great area to store your motor home when you are not traveling around this great country.
  • More Temperate Climate – Some want to move to a more temperate climate. They’re tired of the cold and snow and want to get outdoors and play all year. Some have always dreamed of living in Southern California near the ocean.  San Diego North County homes enjoy some of the best year around in the world.  The Oceanside homes for sale area has the second most desirable climate in the United States with average temperatures ranging from 53 to 70 degrees.

Can you relate to some of the above reasons to move to a San Diego North County home.  If so, contact Gary Harmon, your top Senior Realtor, and find your Southern California dream home.  Not ready for a retirement neighborhood?  Want a great ocean view home?  Gary also specializes in Carlsbad Ocean View HomesOceanside Ocean View Homes , and Encinitas Ocean View homes.

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