100 Ways to Prepare Your Escondido Home for Sale

When I started to sell Escondido real estate over 20 years ago, one of the first things I did was go to lots of training programs.   One such program was with Barb Schwarz, a national trainer on getting your home ready for sale.   The most important thing I heard in that seminar is “People buy what they see and not what will be.”  Well, I thought that was very catchy, but I did not learn the truth of that statement until many years of experience.   So I am now repeating that statement to all my Escondido home sellers.  “People buy what they see and not what will be.”   This needs to be the cardinal foundation to successfully selling your Escondido home. 

Let me explain in more detail.  I use to think that most potential Escondido home buyers could look at a fixer and envision how great it would look after they fixed it up.   Years of experience has taught me that what they really see is a lot of work they will have to do and a lot of money they will have to spend.   I found that Escondido buyers would always pay top dollar for a Escondido home in great condition, but would expect deep discounts in the price of Escondido home in poor condition.  Most of the time they would just pass up the Esondido real estate needing work.    Most Escondido home buyers wanted what we call “turn key.”

We have heard it said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  This is really what Barb was saying over 20 years ago.  Your Escondido home must make a great first impression from the time the buyer drives up until the buyer leaves.   She was also saying you can’t rely on Escondido home buyers to use their imagination.  Your Escondido home’s charm, soundness, comfort and attractiveness must be obvious from the instant they see your home until they walk out the back door. 

There are only about 20 days left in this year and I am going to try to post about 5 tips a day for my Escondido sellers on how to help them make a great first impression with their Escondido homes.  So be sure to read all the upcoming post on getting your Escondido home ready to sell.   If you would like a personal discussion about getting started call or email me, contact Gary Harmon, your Escondido Realtor.