Second Opinion

Purchasing your San Diego North County home may be one of the biggest purchases of your life.   The first major step is to get your financing lined up.  Many clients come to me preapproved by a lender. If so they may be well on their way to homeownership.  However, financing or lender performance is where we run into most of our problems in escrow. This is especially true with out of area or Internet lenders.  That is why I recommend getting a second opinion on financing.

For a good referral of a back up lender, contact Gary Harmon.

I have several trusted lenders that I work with that will provide your with a complimentary second opinion on your home loan even if you are already preapproved. Best of all, since they have worked with me many times, they will alway “shoot straight.”  If they have a better rate, you might consider using them. If not, it confirms that you have a good rate.  Since it is free you have nothing to lose and every to gain.