San Diego North County Fireplace Safety Tip

Every time I do a home inspection, the inspector always finds the same thing.  People have installed gas logs in a wood burning fireplace, but have not installed a damper clamp.  A fireplace damper safety clamp is a necessary devise for all San Diego North County homes if you have gas logs.   It is easy and cheap to install. 

Why do you need a fireplace damper safety clamp in your fireplace?  The clamp keeps the flue open so that gas log exaust can excape up the flue and not into the home.  It is a very simple item, a simple “c” clamp will work.   

Another thing always comes up in this years inspections: You need a CO detector in your home.  This carbon monoxide detector can be a simple plug in model or a wall mount.  I would suggest you also have one in your garage.  These can be purchase cheaply at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Very easy to install in you San Diego North County home. 

If you would like to talk about these safety items, feel free to contact Gary Harmon, your San Diego North County Realtor.