San Diego County Homes Foreclosure Comparison 2009 vs 2010

San Diego County Homes Notice of Defaults

The following table shows how many notices of default were sent out in San Diego County by month, 2009 vs 2010.  A notice of default is the official notice the lender gives the San Diego home owner letting them know they may be taking the home back.  After the notice of default, it is 120 days until the bank can officially foreclose.  Looking at the table below you can see that the number of notices of default are down considerably in 2010. 

San Diego County Homes Foreclosures 

San Diego County home foreclosures are the actual number of homes the bank took back through the foreclosure process.  These numbers have increased considerably since 2009.  This basically indicates that the banks have been slow to approve the short sales and have just chosen to take more and more homes back through the foreclosure process.  

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