Saftey Tips to Protect Your Escondido Home

House FireHere in San Diego North County winter is upon us.  We are getting our usually limited rain, and the mornings and nights are a little chilly.  If you are thinking of using a small portable heater in you Escondido home please observe these safety tips.

  • Don’t use an extension cord  to plug in your heater in you Escondido home.  Using any type of cord will greatly increase the chance of a home fire.
  • Don’t use your heater on the same circut in your Escondido home as other electrical appliances that use a lot of electricity.  The circuit in you Escondido property could easily overload.
  • Don’t use your portable heater near sources of combustion in you Escondido real estate.  For example, a lot of heaters in your Escondido home should not be used on carpets or under desk or counters.

A little common sense will go a long way in helping help protect your Escondido real estate.  House fires here in Escondido and San Diego North County are the single biggest source of diasters that effect most people.  There is a house fire every 28 hours according  to the San Diego American Red Cross.  For more helpful information or to buy or sell an Escondido property, contact Gary Harmon, your Escondido Realtor.