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If you just finished your taxes as I did, you probably realize that you could have been better organized, especially if you own North County investment properties.  A well organized record keeping system is a valuable and indispensable asset.  Individual records should be arranged by category and labeled so that you can find everything quickly.  The following are the principal categories you will need and the type of records that should be stored in each.  You can use these as suggested headings to build your “Getting Organized” filing system. 

  • Banking – Cancelled checks and monthly account statements
  • Contributions – Receipts, cancelled checks, correspondence, a log of contributions, and papers relating to gifts of property.
  • Employment & Business Expenses – Paycheck stubs, W-2 forms, and documents relating to fringe benefits
  • Individual Retirement – Documents needed to determine your tax when withdrawals are made at retirement
  • Insurance – All policies
  • Investments – All purchase and sales slips showing dates and basis of purchase
  • North County Real Estate Investments – Closing Statements, rents received, any rental expenses. You will need to set up sub categories by address if you own several San Diego North County investment properties.
  • Medical, Dental, and Hospital – Medical histories, examination and lab reports, prescriptions, hospital records, bills

Remember for tax purposes keep everything at least 3 years and up to six if possible.

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