Quail Call

The Quail Call is a monthly newsletter publication of the Lake San Marcos Community Association (LSMCA).  The printed Quail Call is mailed to all residences of Lake San Marcos.  You can see the current edition of Quail Call online by clicking on the cover below and then clicking the blue “Current Issue” button.

Cover of a Lake San Marcos Quail Call

LSMCA Quail Call

Editor – Bob Kreis

Associatet Editors – Adela Franco and Dan Worrells

Local clubs and organizations are encouraged to submit articles about past events or upcoming meetings.  Submissions may be edited for brevity or content.  The articles should be mailed to quailcall@lsmca.com prior to the 20th of the month to be included in the following month’s publication.

Advertising in the Quail Call

The Quail Call accepts ads from reputable local businesses who wish to use a low-cost, highly-targeted publication to reach their customers.  Email the office at quailcall@lsmca.com for a copy of the ad rates and contract form.  You can visit the LSMCA Call website at www.lsmca.com.

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