Picnic Grounds

Lake San Marcos offers a place to “get away from it all.” It is really quite amazing. You can jump into a boat and motor down to the picnic grounds which is about 2/3 the way down the 1.3 mile lake towards the dam. When you pass the last home built on the east side of the lake, you enter a part of the lake between two mountains that resembles being on the Colorado River away from it all. There are lily pads, cat tails, frogs, all kinds of birds and other wildlife.

Photo by Gary Harmon

At the picnic grounds (on the west side of Lake San Marcos) you will find a nice boat dock, many picnic tables, cookers, a covered concrete area, horseshoe pits, a large grass area, and restrooms. You can also get to the picnic grounds by a dirt road that is only open to limited auto traffic if there is a planned function at the picnic grounds. During the summer, the grounds may be reserved for use at the Members Services Offices on a first come first serve basis. The gate to the road is controlled by the Security Guard who must be prenotified by Member Services of any scheduled event. I have observed, fun dances, great music, and even a picture show at the grounds on summer nights.

Since BBQs are provided, and for safety, open fires are not permitted. Everyone must vacate the Picvnic Grounds by 8:00 pm or Dusk.