Picnic Grounds Update

Picnic grounds pavilion should be ready by years end.

If you haven’t had a chance to walk down to the picnic grounds lately, I thought I would share my photo and what little info I have. As you come down the hill from Panorama you will see that the old narrow dirt road has been replaced with a much wider road. Large boulders have been added along the shoreline and a good looking stone retaining wall lines the west side of the road. This road has been widened at the County’s request to accommodate emergency vehicles. Residents and guest using the picnic grounds are still suppose to get to the picnic grounds by boat.

The new pavilion structure is very large and spacious. It is being built in a first class manner with lots of nice upgrades.  Originally, it was to have a tent canvas type of roof. That roof plan has been upgraded. If you remember the old picnic ground structure was cheap and in disrepair (see photo below).  The new picnic grounds structure is going to be special. The new structure is being wired for electricity and also has a large gas fireplace on the back wall. There has not been a decision made as to charcoal grills or gas grills.  I am told this new area should be ready about the end of the year. LLSM leases the picnic ground area from Varadero on a long term lease.

See more about the picnic grounds.

LLSM is doing many improvement projects at the same time.   See Lake San Marcos Boardwalk.  For the moment, glamping has been put on hold.

See photo of old picnic grounds below.

Photo by Gary Harmon

Photo by Gary Harmon