Oceana Ownership

A very common question ask by potential buyers is, “What do you own when you buy in Oceana Ca. ” See the answer under the photo.

Photo by Gary Harmon

When you buy an Oceana home the following applies:

  • The title to your purchased Oceana property includes the dwelling unit and the ‘footprint’ only. The footprint refers to the land under the home. All of the surrounding streets, sidewalks, land, etc is considered part of the “common area.”
  • Oceana ‘common area’ is owned by the Oceanside Land company and is just leased to the Association.
  • The Association owns all of the buildings on the common area.
  • To live in Oceana, at least one of the residents has to be 55 years old or older. All other Oceana residents must be the same or satisfy relationship or age requirements set out in the governing documents and applicaable law. All Oceana home owners must complete an age verification form.
  • When you own Oceana Oceanside property your ownership includes membership in the Association and lets you have one vote in official elections.
  • If you rent out your Oceana home, you relinquish the right to use the Oceana amenities ( workshops, swimming, spa, etc.). Your tenant now has the right to use the amenities.
  • Landlord owners are responsible for all actions of their tenants in relationships with the Association.

The above rules just cover a few of the Oceana homes ownership rules.

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