Now is the Time to Buy a Carlsbad North County Home

The Carlsbad and San Diego North County housing downturn will reverse itself one day, will you have missed out? While economists and consumers may be uncertain when the bottom will come, there are growing signs that it’s already here or extremely close. The best time to buy a Carlsbad home is now — and here’s why.

It’s hard to tell if the Carlsbad or San Diego North County housing market has reached bottom until prices and sales volume start to rise again. So the best time to buy is when market conditions are indicating the approach of a bottom. To take advantage of near-record low mortgage interest rates and home prices as low as they were a decade ago, home buyers may have to take some risks, such as riding out another short-term dip in property values.
But the rewards may be well worth it. A number of factors point to a small window of opportunity to buy “at the bottom” before the market turns more favorable. Here are the six greatest reasons to buy a home right now:

  1. The economy is growing
  2. More jobs are available
  3. Houses are a hedge against inflation
  4. Mortgage interest rates are near record lows
  5. Pent-up demand is ready to release
  6. Buy-versus-rent ratios favor home ownership

I just met a lender named Mike West with Sierra Pacific.  I am very impressed with his knowledge and follow through.  He put together a great video to share with you.  It is called “The Why and How of Purchasing a New Home.”  Please take the time to watch it, it may save you an incrediable amount of money.

In becoming one of the top real estate lenders in the nation,  Sierra Pacific Mortgage also became one of the most widely respected mortgage banking companies in the country.  Having weathered economic storms and withstood the test of time, SPM has earned the respect and admiration of their peers while continuing to thrive as an industry leader and maintain their solid reputation of integrity, stability and character.  Since 1986 they have been a progressive leader in both wholesale and retail lending offering cutting edge technology, market leading pricing and reliable service. When you examine them, two things are clear. They are here to stay and are here to serve their customers. Contact Mike West, 760-208-1739 for more information.

Advice for Carlsbad and San Diego North County buyers: A housing recovery doesn’t proceed in a straight line. The question is, how deep are the dips? San Diego buyers could wait for even better conditions, but the current alignment of falling mortgage interest rates, lower home prices, and wider selection is unlikely to happen again. Prices may go lower, but mortgage interest rates may go higher. If this isn’t the bottom, it’s very close. Act now.

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