Market Reality

Success in Buying San Diego North County Homes

Ten, twenty, 30,40, fifty or more….No, this in not the chorus of “The ‘Bloody’ Red Barron.”  Well, yes it is, but on this website it refers to the # of offers being made when buying North County homes.   With so many offers, it is clear that competition among buyers is hot in the North County Homes Real Estate market.  Why, because inventory of available San Diego North County homes is less than half of what it was available this same time last year.
See video,  “How to be successful in buying a North County home.”
Gary Harmon, your Real Living North County Realtor, does not want this to be his clients. will keep buyers informed as to the conditions in this San Diego North County real estate market.

San Diego North County Buyers  – Be Informed and Be Ready

By constantly being informed, you can avoid been surprised.  Be persistant and don’t give up and leave the market.  You will get that home if you stay focused.  Also, you must be prepared.  Buyers that are not working with a Realtor, will not be ready when that perfect North County home hits the San Diego mls.  You need to have a Realtor, like Gary Harmon, looking full time for you and you also need to be looking for yourself.    

When you find the North County home listing you like you must make an offer right then, not tomorrow.  The old saying “tomorrow may be to late” is very appropriate in this market. If you want to be successful, put the following thought out of your head, “I want to offer a little less and get a good deal.”  In this market where home prices have been falling for the last few years, almost every deal is a good deal.

Make Your Highest and Best Offer First

You must be willing to write your offer at the higest price you would comfortably be able to pay if you plan to have any success in this market.  That price is usually at full listing price, but in most cases, actually above full price.   With the intense competition, “putting your best foot forward, so to speak, will be the only way to secure a home.  If you do your best and  don’t get the North County home, at least you can feel good that you gave it your best try.

Have All Your Finances in Order

If you plan to buy a North County listing you must also have all your finances in order.  Before you get in the car with any Realtor, you need to have talked to your lender and have a prequalification letter.  Gary will have to submit that prequal letter with your purchase offer.  Bankd owned homes, REO’s, and short sale seller always require a prequal or preapproval letter. If you need help finding a lender see Home Services Lending.  Even if you have a prequal letter from your lender of choice, you may be required to be prequalified with the sellers lender of choice before you can submit an offer.  Remember, you can always use your own lender to actually get your loan.
One last thing to improve your chances of buying a home in this market  is to make offers on several different North County homes at the same time.

Summary of How to be Successful in Buying San Diego North County Homes

Pick your North County Realtor, Gary Harmon, be qualified by a lender, search for homes diligently, and be  prepared to  immediately write a very strong offer.  Make offers on more than one North County home, and most importantly, don’t give up.  Buying a home in this difficult market is  a “process” more than it is an “event.”  You will Win Some – Loose Some, but in the long run, only the one you win counts.  For more information on how you can purchase your San Diego dream home in this market, contact Gary Harmon.