More on Preparing the Outside of Your Home


  • As we discussed in an  earlier post, “People buy what they see and not what will be.”    Since potential Escondido home buyers see the driveway first, start there.  See my last post for tips for concrete driveways. 
  •   If your Escondido home has an asphalt you can buy a compound at Lowes’ or Home Depot to repair cracks. 
  • Asphalt driveways should also be sealed every few years to avoid moisture getting under the driveway and causing cracks.  
  • Make sure grass, scrubbery, and flowers around driveway look good.  Again, park your car in the street so your potential buyer can park in the drive. 
  • If there are over hanging trees, cut them back.   


  • Fill cracks in your concrete walkway
  • If some places have lifted up and cause a trip hazzard, consider having them professionally repaired.
  • If you have a brick or stone walkway make sure there is no missing motar.
  • Trim shrubs along walk and add colorful flowers on the way to the front porch.
  • Make sure any lights along the walk work.

For more tips or a complete list of 100 Things to do to Get You Home Sold, contact Gary Harmon.