Maximizing Your Sales Price

One thing I have learned from over 23 years of real estate sales is “buyers buy what they see and not what will be.” This might as well be written in stone just like the 10 Commandments. Sellers like to think that buyers can visualize what a home will look like if they fix it up. Buyers do visualize, they visualize how much it would cost to fix it up. They usually way over estimate the cost and then expect the seller to reduce their sales price to accomodate. One way to stop this problem is to work with a staging company.

VACANT NORTH COUNTY HOMES: We all know that homes that are sitting vacant feel uninviting. North County home buyers often have a hard time picturing themselves in the space. This also gives the buyers an opportunity to analyze every minor flaw. An empty San Diego home can often stay on the market for a long period of time, which is undesirable for everyone. and can sometimes lead to reducing the price of your listings. Let a staging company like Baker Interior Design Group help you stage your homes and speed up your profits.

So how much does staging cost? Well staging can cost anywhere from $4000-$10,000 or more. However prices vary depending on the size of your home and how many rooms need to be furnished.

OCCUPIED NORTH COUNTY HOMES: Baker Intrior Design Group offers consultations for home owners that want to maximize their sales price. This is done as a flat rate fee. $355 for a 2.5 hour Consultation Walk-Through which includes a Recommendations Page (a list of things to do or change, so the homeowner can get ready to sell their home). However, if the homeowner just wants a little advice, Baker provides a 1.5 our Consultation Walk-Through, verbally discussing any recommendations that can help stage the home using the furniture and accessories already in place. This costs $200.   Baker Interior Design Group can be reached directly by calling Diana Baker: 909-379-9376 or Christina Melendrez: (909) 260-2568.  See more at

If you need recommendations on how to make your home more presentable, therefore maximizing your sales price, contact Gary Harmon your top North County Realtor. All content by .