Maximize the Chance of Selling Your Ocean Hills Home

Get your Ocean Hills home in top condition

  • There are many things Ocean Hills sellers can easily do to get their Oceanside homes for sale in top physical condition to sell.   Type “fix up your home” in the “Search this Blog”  box to the right on this page to get many useful articles on making simple improvements. 
  • Do what you know needs doing?  You are probably already are aware of things that aren’t working just right around your home and now is the right time to fix them.  You want the Ocean Hills Country Club  buyer to get the right first impression.  Do those things that you have been putting off.
  • Learn from my 21 years of selling San Diego North County homes  and my two October sales of Ocean Hills Country Club homes what comes up most often in the property physical inspections.  Fix these items before you start to sell and you will get more money faster.  Also, the buyer always likes it when he pays for a physical inspection and the Ocean Hills home he has chosen comes out great in the inspection.  Here are some of the things that show up most often in physical inspections.   (1)  Grout-Check the kitchen and bathrooms for areas that need the grout touched up or replaced.  This improves the looks of both areas and is usually an item the physical inspector always catches. (2) Air gap at kitchen-If water comes out of your air gap at the sink when you run the diswasher, it shouldn’t.  Take the hose loose under the sink and clean it out with a close hangar.  Easy to do and a quick and cheap fix.  (3)   Furnace filters-I know the Ocean Hills buyer cannot see this, but might as well get it done up front.  During your physical inspection the buyer will think you keep a well maintained and clean home.  (4) Replace windows that have broken seals and show condensation between the dual panes. 

If you are thinking of selling your home, I would be happy to come by and do a quick walkthrough to see items that you can do cheaply and easily to get your Ocean Hills home in top condition.

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