Rental Boats & Private Boat Use

Photo by Gary Harmon

Rental Boats:  If  you stay at the Lakehouse Hotel & Resort, there are boats available for use by hotel guest.  Some are free and some have to be rented.  If you are not staying at the resort, you may also rent certain boats.  The Hotel has agreed to let Lake San Marcos residents use the boats on a limited basis.  Residents may rent kayaks, paddleboats, and brand new blue itBikes from Sunday through Thursday.  Residents may rent the new electric boats (like the blue and red pontoon boats show above)  7 days a week from 9am to 7pm.  Rates and times may change.

If you want to rent something really great, try the new 22 Bay Island Duffy parked in front of the Conference Center.  You can bring 12 guest and something to fill the ice chest.  This boat comes with a capitain.

Private Boat Use:  If you live in any of the Lake San Marcos homes, you are allowed to have a boat on Lake San Marcos.  Before you can launch it at the Lake Pavillion boat ramp, you must have your boat registered with CDC.  There is no cost to the registeration, but there is a substantial launch fee.  Your boat must meet certain rules:

  • You cannot have a outboard motor larger than 9.9 hp.
  • All electric trolling motors are permitted.
  • Pontoon boats must be 24 foot or less.
  • Other boats must be 18 foot or less.
  • Boats must comply with State of California safety requirments.
  • Boats should be cleaned are regularly maintained.
  • Boats cannont have an operating toilet.

If you choose, you can rent a dock (new community dock show in the photo below) from the CDC and moor your boat.  You must first execute a lease and pay your dock fees.  In 2012 this fee was $720, or $60 a month.

Photo by Gary Harmon

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From personal experience, I can say that having a boat to use on the Lake has made living in Lake San Marcos special.