Beach and Tennis Club

The Lake San Marcos Beach and Tennis Club is a private facility next to the lake marina owned and operated by CDC (Citizens Development Corporation) for the benefit and enjoyment of Lake San Marcos homes residents, residents guest,  lessee of a residence, residents of Sun Park, and guest of the Lakehouse Hotel & Resort.  Use privileges include the Beach & Tennis Club and all Lake Facilities, but not any docks or other fixtures that are currently on the Lake.  The lake is one of the greatest sources of pleasure and pride and every Lake San Marcos resident is encouraged to take full advantage fo the facilities.

There is a small marina at the club which is available to Lake San Marcos homes residents for a extra leese charge.    The 2013 lease fee was $720 annually.  Boats of excessive size are not permitted on the lake.  Currently up to 18′ boats are allowed with a motor no larger than 9.9 hp.  Residents of Lake San Marcos can also use the Lake Pavilion boat ramp to launch boats.  Your boat must be registered with CDC (at the Lake office).

Fees assessments for belonging to the Beach & Tennis Club and using Lake facilities are sent out in April to you or in some cases (like Varadero homes) to your homeowner’s association.  Each resident can pick up an identification card at the Member Services Office located at 1105 La Bonita Drive.  If your guest is not accompanied by a resident, they can get a Courtesy Activiies Card.

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