Lake San Marcos Water Level Update

After the 1/2 inch rain that we received this weekend, thought I would measure the water level in Lake San Marcos again.  The lake was only down 9 inches at the most.  With the large run off basin feeding the lake, a .5 inch rain added almost a foot of water.

Water level in increasing with the last rain.

Bad new is that the first rain of the season is the worst for polluting the lake.  As it cleans the streets, trees, etc., it sends all this filth straight into the lake.  That is why the lake use to be 48 foot deep at the dam and is now only 26 foot deep.  Will be nice to get more rain soon and get some cleaner water into the lake.  When the lake actually starts flowing over the dam, it starts cleaning the debris off the surface and sending it on downstream.

See Lake San Marcos water level photo before the rain.