The Lake San Marcos Security Patrol provides armed service throughout the Lake San Marcos homes area 24 hours a day, every day. For subscribers to the service, the Patrol provides residence surveillance during the subscriber’s absence by request. Lake San Marcos has one of the lowest crime rates in Southern California, which is due in no small way to the diligence of the LSM Security Patrol. The County FBI Crime Statistics (reported crimes) for 1999 indicated 4.54 incidents per 1000 people for Lake San Marcos, which is compared to 29.3 incidents per 1000 people for the City of San Marcos and 34.7 per 1000 for San Diego County. In addition the Patrol makes routine checks and alerts the subscribing resident to any unusual occurrence (including the garage door being left open at night). LSM Patrolmen usually respond faster than the emergency vehicles, the County Sheriff’s Department or the Highway Patrol. Everyone on the staff of the LSM Security Patrol is certified in CPR and first aid. Members of the Patrol have saved many lives over the years. Resident support and membership of this service, like the Community Association, is strongly requested. (760-744-0811).  View  Lake San Marcos Video.