Lake San Marcos Helps Fight Wildfires

Lake San Marcos became the main source of water for the many helicopters fighting the San Marcos ( Cocos) fire.  See Video.

In the afternoon of May 14, 2014, a major wildfire started in the hills east of Lake San Marcos.  Fires rushed towards the lakeside community.  Later in the afternoon the evacuation order was issued for all homes south of Lake San Marcos boulevard.  Then two good things happened.  Since the fire was nearing Cal State San Marcos, Jerry Brown, the California governor, cleared the way for Cal Fire to bring the large DC 10 firefighting airplane to the San Marcos fire.  Very impressive as it flew very low right over my home.

Next, as if magic, the winds reversed and started coming from the ocean.  Ocean air contains more water, and with the addition of nightfall, the fire calmed.  However on Thursday afternoon, the fire started raging again.  This time moving over the hills towards Escondido.  To help slow the fire, many helicopters were rushed to the fire and  started to use nearby Lake San Marcos to refill their water buckets.  By the end of the day the control was starting to be established over the fire.

The Lakehouse Hotel and the owners of Lake San Marcos continue to do good things to benefit the community.