Lake San Marcos

Happy New Year to all my Lake San Marcos neighbors.  Below the photo are some things we can all do to help improve life around our community.

  1. I will relocate my sprinkler heads that are wasting water on pavement, in my street, my driveway, or walkway.
  2. I will keep dirt, oil, land-scape debris, cigarette butts, animal droppings, and any foreign matter out of the street. Our storm drains all empty into Lake San Marcos – no matter where our street is located.
  3. Products from our kitchen and bathroom drains DO go to a treatment plant. I will remember that there is NO treatment plant for any storm drain.  Whatever finds its way to a storm drain, goes into Lake San Marcos.
  4. I will also remind new residents that we are all responsible to keep our streets clean and to prevent rainwater from carrying all undesirable items into our storm drains.
  5. I will sweep, not use a hose to clean my driveway or sidewalk. I will use a safe cleaning agent IF I must wash my vehicle and have a shut-off on the water hose. I will explain to others that when soap water goes into a storm drain it will give our fifi sh an unwelcome bubble bath.
  6. I will remember the San Diego North County regulations to pick-up after my pets, use a leash not more than 6’ in length, and remember that pets may not run freely but must be kept in an enclosed space when left outside.
  7. I will purchase a neutralizing solution from a pool supplier and use it before draining my pool.
  8. I will join the Lake San Marcos Security Patrol for my home or for my tenants. I will ask about affordable payment plans. 744-0811.  I agree that we should all share the cost of this protection because even if I never need to ask for help, it’s a fact that our safety and property values are enhanced by the existence of these trained Offifi cers.  Lake San Marcos is ranked the safest community in San Diego County because of this remarkable service.
  9. I will patronize our reliable local businesses and their services whenever possible.  I will make plans with friends to have lunch or dinner at Gordon’s on the Green. The new menus and service deserve to be experienced.
  10. The TENTH Resolution can be your choice of actions.  
    Do I participate in any of the various LSM activities?
    Do I express thanks to those who give their time and energy to maintain the clubs and groups?
    Have I attended a meeting of the Computer Club to expand my competency?
    If I have a new address or a new last name, have I registered to vote?
    Do I respect that I must maintain a speed limit of not more than the 25 mph the county law requires in residential areas?
    Do I remember that drivers share our roads with joggers and walkers and bikers and baby strollers?
    Think about what YOU could do to make a difference in your 2011 life! And ….. JUST DO IT!

The above ideas are courtesy of the Lake San Marcos Newsletter.  To see San Marcos real estate or sell Lake San Marcos homes including Varadero homes, contact Gary Harmon, you Lake San Marcos neighbor.