How to Draft a Oceanside Home Purchase Offer

Crafting Your Oceanside Home Purchase Offer

Make it a Win-Win

Once you have found the Oceanside home for sale of your dreams, writing the offer becomes very important.  You don’t want to pay too much, but you want to be successful in buying that Oceanside real estate.  It is time to set down with your Oceanside Realtor, Gary Harmon, and write the purchase offer.

Most things are negotiable in the offer, but in San Diego County there is a standard to follow on most items.  A good rule of thumb, using an old clicke, is to make any offer a win-win for everyone.  Your Realtor will know how to advise you.

Focus Only on What is Important

The first important thing is the sales price.  Your Oceanside Realtor, Gary Harmon, can provide you with comps of other Oceanside homes to help you pick the right offer price.  In this current Oceanside real estate market, homes are selling at or above listing price.  Many times you won’t get a counter offer, so put your best foot forward.  The deposit, usually at least one percent of the purchase price, is the next important item.  How long  an escrow will you need?   It takes at least 30-45 days to get all the loan details worked out.  Other items to consider are who pays escrow, title, and other closing cost.  Ask your Realtor what is customary in the Oceanside area.

Keep it Simple

Keep the purchase offer on the Oceanside home for sale as simple as possible.  For example, don’t ask for closing cost back unless you need the cash.  Oceanside sellers will only be looking at the net price.  Don’t ask for repairs up front.  You can handle those later in the request for repairs.  Structure you offer to keep things simple and clear for everyone to understand.  If there are any items of personal property you are requesting that don’t normally come with the home, do them separately after you have an acceptance on the home.  Don’t forget the big picture which is to buy your Oceanside home, not to get a good deal on a refrigerator, etc.

For more information on Oceanside Homes for Sale, contact Gary Harmon for experienced real estate solutions.  See homes for sale in Oceanside.

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