Home Inspections

One of the most important things you should do when you are buying a San Diego North County home is to get a home inspection.  This not only tells you what may be wrong with the home right now, but chances are the home inspector will give you tips on how to avoid large cost in the future by doing routine maintenance.  

How do select an san diego home inspector to do your North County home inspection?  Chance are you will ask your North County Realtor.  Your Realtor wants to help and would just love to tell exactally who he would recommend, but this creates a huge liability for your Realtor.  Your Realtor might tell you to just look in the yellow pages or online so you can select your own inspector.   This has caused clients to feel slighted by an agent’s lack of knowledge. “What do you mean you don’t know anyone, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?”  Courts are also unsympathetic to this philosophy; most feel a Realtor does have responsibility to provide direction to their clients.

Other times your North County Realtor might think it is more prudent to refer only licensed contractors.   A California state contractor’s license indicates basic knowledge of construction or experience in a trade specialty.  However, it does not indicate any knowledge of North County home inspection issues.  Specialized knowledge is necessary to provide a thorough and diligent home inspection.  A contractor’s license also provides a false sense of security that a consumer has some form of recourse against a contractor for a poor inspection.  The Contractors State License Board will not investigate complaints, or take disciplinary action against a contractor for the performance of a home inspection.

My last company suggest that we just refer three companies and let our clients pick.  This only works if your San Diego Realtor has done his own due diligence on the three inspection companies.  There was an arbitration case a few years ago involving a prominent brokerage in the Los Angeles area in which the agent got three brochures from the many stands in the office, gave them to their client and instructed them to choose one.  The inspection failed to report significant conditions within the property.  In cross-examination of the agent, they were asked, “What steps did you take to qualify the three companies you provided to your client?”  The response was “I heard they were good.”  Given that the agent did little or no investigation of the three companies, the arbitrator ruled in favor of the plaintiff.  Gary Harmon will never refer you to anyone that he has not used before.

When you are buying a San Diego North County home, you can trust Gary Harmon to help you select a tried and true home inspector.  Contact Gary Harmon now and find your dream home today.
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