Golf Courses

St. Mark Golf Course

The St. Mark Golf Course is the new name fro the former Lake San Marcos Country Club.  The course has undergone many changes and taken on a whole new name, logo and look.

New Name: St. Mark Golf Course

The new name is an English translation of San Marcos.  According to local legends and the San Marcos Historical Society, the area now know as San Marcos was discovered by the Spaniards troops in 1797 while they were chasing a small band of Indians that had robbed the followers of the San Luis Rey Mission.  The area was originally named Little Valley of Saint Mark (Los Vallecitos de San Marcos).

New Logo

The new logo was designed by Hollis Brand Cluture and the new look incorporates a circular, golf ball shaped icon and the “M” from St. Mark.

New Look

The St. Mark Golf course is looking better than ever.  Over 200 new trees and plants have been added.  Many of the beautiful, mature, existing trees have been professionally pruned.  There are 80 new blue golf carts which have ice chest for the refreshments that you may pick up at the Snack Bar or The Grill at St Marks.  Everyone also thinks that the golf course is much greener overall, like the grass skirting the newly paved cart paths near the No. 7 and No. 12 tees.  Awnings have been put up on the driving range to provide cover from the sun or an occasional raindrop.

The Lake San Marcos Executive Course

The LSM Executive Course is at 1556 Camino del Arroyo.  New cement golf cart paths have just been added throughout the executive course and a new water well is currently being drilled.  In the future, there is a proposal for a new two story golf shack and snack bar.

Sunday through Friday, after 9:30 am, you can play golf for $15 to walk or $20 to ride using a coupon from the Quail Call.