Gary's Service Pledge to Escondido Buyers

Escondido HomeDuring Escondido Home Search

  • Guard your privacy by keeping all aspects of your Escondido property search confidential.
  • Keep you updated on newly listed Escondido houses or price changes.
  • Set up custom Escondido property searches on the Internet that meet your desired critera.
  • Search daily the San Diego MLS for new Escondido homes for sale.
  • Search daily for “unlisted Escondido properties.”
  • Communicate with you reguarding your Escondido home search in the manner you choose:  email, phone, text.
  • Assist you as necessary in getting an pre-approval letter from a lender li ke HomeServices Lending.
  • Provide you with market information on Escondido properties needed to make an informed purchase decision.
  • Tour the local Escondido homes for sale with you.

For more information on buying an Escondido houses, contact Gary Harmon, your local Escondido Realtor.  Watch for future post on the negotiating process and the escrow process when buying Escondido real estate.