Foreclosure Definition

Foreclosure is a legal process where a lender takes back the ownership of the North County home, usually because the previous owner had stopped making mortgage payments on the property.  The foreclosure process takes approximately four months.  The lender may sell the North County real estate at auction or put the property in their inventory.  Placing the Carlsbad home in their inventory will make the home  “bank owned property”.  Foreclosure is usually a last resort.  Foreclosure can sometimes be avoided by working with your North County Realtor, Gary Harmon, and working with your lender to effect a “short sale.”  Get North County Real Estate Foreclosure Comparison, 2007 vs 2008.
Finding and purchasing the right Carlsbad foreclosure home is full of challenges.  Gary Harmon has been a North Realtor for over 20 years and knows the process.  Working with Gary can save you from making many mistakes that a buyer can make when buying distressed listings.  Let Gary, your North County Realtor, save you time and money, contact him today or set up a personal appointment.  You can use the form below to request foreclosure home information specific to your individual needs.