2014 was my first year fishing Lake San Marcos and I must say, ” The fishing was fantastic!” The primary gamefish in the lake is bass, but there are also crappie, catfish, and bluegill.  Bass fishing is “catch and release only.” You may keep crappies, catfish, and bluegill.  In 2018, there was a large fish dye off and the fishing has gone downhill as a result.

Photo by Gary Harmon

Fishing is not allowed from the Pavilion docks or the boardwalk.   Fishing is also prohibited from the shore and from docked boats between the bridge and the recreational area.

  • “Where can you fish?” You can fish from the  Lakehouse dock by paying a small fee.  You can also fish about anywhere if you have a boat on the lake.  You can rent boats from the Lakehouse Resort.  Old Photo map of Lake San Marcos.
  • “Who can fish?” Residents of any Lake San Marcos homes and their guest. Residents must be prepared to identify themselves by showing your LSM Residents Card to lake maintenance staff or the security patrol if requested. Guest should have a guest card to fish the lake. Hotel guest are not allowed to fish the lake.
  • “What type of bait can you use?” Most people fishing for bass use crankbaits, spinnerbaits, plastic worms, and other types of artificial baits. No live baits except worms may be used in the lake, especially not “shinners or minnows.” Not only do shinners give fisherman an unfair advantage, and you are suppose to be fishing for bass for sport, but they might introduce a strain of fish to the lake they may upset set the sensitivie environmental balance.

If you are caught violating the Lake’s fishing regulations iit could lead to suspension of the resident’s fishing privileges.

In addition to fishing Lake San Marcos, I also am a resident and Realtor that helps people find their dream home in Lake San Marcos.

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