First-time Home Buyer Tax Credit, See Video!

First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit has been Extended!

What are the Main Terms of the Tax Credit?

  1. Escondido real estate before May 1 and close before July 1, 2010.
  2. Escondido homes must be purchased by a First-Time Home Buyer.
  3. The maximum credit is $8,000 or 10% of the Escondido Real Estate, whichever is less. 
  4. Escondido first-time buyers who are claimed as dependents by other taxpayers or who are under age 18 are not qualified for the tax credit program.
  5. The maximum allowed Escondido home purchase price is now $800,000.
  6. Single taxpayers may now earn up to $125,000 and married taxpayers filing jointly may earn up to $225,000
The First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit is for first-time buyers of Escondido real estate (either spouse if filing jointly) who have NOT owned a principle residence during the 3 year period prior to the purchase.   
Call Gary Harmon, your Escondido Realtor, to find out more about the first-time home buyer tax credit. 








  1. Sandranel says:

    Is there going to be a first time buyer tax credit on new construction? Is it the same?