Finding the Perfect Tenant

Assuming you want to take full advantage of the historically high returns found in San Diego North County real estate,  you might decide to use the equity in your San Diego home to purchase one or more North County rental properties.  I can help you find the right  San Diego home to purchasel 

Some homeowners are anxious to put their equity to work, but are hesitant about owning North County investment properties.  Many believe it is difficult to find perfect tenants who will properly maintain their investment.  Finding the perfect tenant may be next to impossible, but finding a good tenant is certainly atainable.  You can choose to do it yourself or hire a Real Living Lifestyles agent.  If you decide to do it yourself, be prepared to:

  • Advertise-Have flyers printed and distribute them to the surrounding neighborhoods.  Put them in the community center, at local colleges, and run lots of newspaper ads.  Be prepared for calls at all the wrong times.
  • Applications-Have a good rental application and have prospective tenants complete them.
  • Credit Checks– In finding the perfect tenant, alway run a credit check on any tenant before renting your San Diego investment property.
  • Showing the house-Put signs in front of the San Diego rental and be prepared to take people through the home at their convience.
  • Rental Agreement-A rental agreement is a legal document that must be filled out correctly.  Use a good form.

If all of this sounds a bit discouraging, contact Gary Harmon, your top North County Realtor, and he will help you navigate throught the rental process. 

Remember, owning San Diego North County investment properties is another way you can maximize the advantages of owning real estate.

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