Financial Strength

Before you buy in any planed community in San Diego North County, you should know something about the communities financial condition.  Their financial strength can have a great impact on future HOA assessments or required special assessments.  I am proud to report that the board of directiors at Oceans Hills are always striving to control expenses and to improve the community.  The July 2012 financial condition is listed below and can be found in the Ocean Hills Homes monthly “Newsletter.”

At the close of July 2012, Ocean Hills has a strong financial condition with reserves of $3,225,653.  Ocean Hills also has an operating surplus of $146,567.  Both the Recreation payroll and the Water are well below budget at -$24,7121 and -$127,538 respectively.

Ocean Hills Country Club total assets are $4,362,409 which includes FDIC-insured CD’s of $3,333,934.

Photo by Gary Harmon