Your North County Homes Escrow Specialist – Karyn Dillon

The third member of Gary’s real estate team is Pickford Escrow.  With over 20 years of experience, Gary Harmon has had a chance to work with most all of the major escrow companies that handle San Diego’s North County real estate.  Since its establishment in 1992, Pickford Escrow has been Gary’s escrow choice.  Pickford’s mission has always been to guarantee Gary’s clients the highest level of professional escrow service.  Gary Harmon has found that with Pickford Escrow you can expect your transactions to be processed efficiently and accurately.  You can also expect them to be closed in a proactive and timely manner.  With 24 offices and great service, Pickford Escrow has grow to one of the largest full service escrow companies in Southern California.

Neutral Third Party – Pickford Escrow

Pickford Escrow acts as a neutral third party in the North County real estate transaction.  Being a neutral third party, they are bound by law to notify both parties if the instructions given to them are not mutually consistant or if they cannot be carried out.  They are referred to as the escrow holder.  They hold legal documentation and funds on behalf of the buyer and seller.   The escrow holder works closly with Gary Harmon, your North County Realtor, the buyer, the seller, and the lender to assure the sales conditions are complied within the time period call for the the purchase contract.

Your North County Realtor – Gary Harmon

There are many great escrow officers at Pickford, but Gary has found Karyn Dillon to be especially professional and caring.  Karyn, with over 12 years of escrow experience, has become a valuable member of Gary’s winning team.  You too will find Karyn and her staff a customer service driven team of professionals always focused on consistently providing the highest level of quality escrow service.
Make Gary Harmon, your North County Realtor, and Pickford Escrow your winning real estate team.   Other members of the Gary Harmon team include Real Living Lifestyles, California Title, and Home Services Lending, and Prudential Relocation