Escondido Homes: To Buy or Rent?

After getting four calls today from clients wanting  Escondido rentals and other San Diego North County rentals, I though I should address the subject,” to buy or to rent.”    At one time or another, two question cross the minds of most renters.

  • Should I be buying an Escondido home or moving into an Escondido rental?
  • Could I afford to buy a San Diego North County home even if I wanted to?

If you are a renter and are considering your options about buying or continuing to rent your Escondido home, consider these steps.  Ask yourself why you are considering making a change.

  1. Are you thinking of settling down from a life on the move where renting in the past had just seemed to be less restrictive than owning your own Escondido property?
  2. Do you have a growing family that needs more room than a reasonably priced Escondido rental would afford?
  3. Have you seen a steep increase in your monthly rent of your Escondido home?
  4. Have you started thinking about the merits of owning the American Dream.
  5. Are your friends getting large first-time tax credits for buying their own San Diego North County home.

These are all good reasons for looking into Escondido home ownership.  Tomorrow we will take a close look at what home ownership means and how it is different than living in a San Diego North County rental.   For more information on Escondido rentals or San Diego North County rentals, contact Gary Harmon, your Escondido Realtor.