Escondido Homes – Rent vs Buy

Don’t miss this great opportunity to own a piece of Escondido real estate.  Don’t always be the person that is sending all their money to a landlord.  Gary Harmon is providing the table below so you can see how easy it is to own an Escondido home.  Take how much you pay in rent for your Escondido house and find that amount under an interest column, for example assume 5%.   Now go to the left and that will tell you roughly how much of an Escondido home you could afford.

Sorry about the size of the chart.  For example, if you pay $2,147 in rent for your Escondido house, look under the 5% column and read to the left.  You could own a Escondido home that cost $400,000.  Of course there are many other benefits to owning your own Escondido property.  To get more information about borrowing money see HomeServices Lending.  To get more information about buying Escondido real estate, contact Gary Harmon, your Escondido Realtor.