Encinitas Resale Homes – Market Conditions & Statistics

For the first week of July this is how the market looked in the Encinitas homes area.  See the bottom of this page and below the table for details on Encinitas homes for sale and Encinitas inventory.

Encinitas Homes Market StatisticsThis Week in Encinitas Real Estate

The median list price of  Encinitas homes  for sale is $1,060,000.  There are 237 Encinitas homes on the market and they have been there for an average market time of 132 days.  As measured by the Market Action Index, demand is increasing as the days on the market trend downward.  Both these are postive trends for the Encinitas housing market.

Encinitas Homes Supply and Demand

The Encinitas housing market has settled in at a relative stasis in Encinitas inventory and sales conditions.  It’s a buyer’s market  that has seen prices trend down.  Expect that consistent up trends in demand will be required before the price of Encinitas homes for sale prices trend up significantly. 

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