Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – Escondido Real Estate

Escondido KitchenThe most common question I get as your Escondido real estate expert from friends, family, and clients is “how is the real estate market doing?”  That is always a very difficult question to answer correctly because the answer can be case specific.  What I mean is it can depend on what type of Escondido real estate help you need.  In general, the market for Escondido homes is very complex.  No one can be sure if prices are still going down or going to rise.  One thing I can say for sure, the change in Escondido real estate prices should be slow either way.  If you are waiting for prices to go up so you can sell your Escondido home, you should probably have a plan “B” and consider selling now.

A comparative market analysis helps you if you are thinking of either buying Escondido homes or selling an Escondido home.  You can’t get an accurate number of the value of your Escondido property by just looking at an Internet site like Zillo.  To get an accurate picture you need to have your Escondido Realtor do a personalized CMA for your particular need.  Your Realtor will dig deeper,  make numerous phone calls to other Realtors, rather than just look at the most recent sales prices in the multiple listing service.  He will evaluate how long each Escondido home has been on the market.  He will look at the motivation of the Escondido seller.  Your Escondido Realtor will check out the condition of the home and what type of sale took place.  Was it a short sale, REO, or regular sale?  All have an affect on the final sales price of the Escondido home.  As you can see the superficial comparison of Escondido homes and their sales will no longer do.  Such an approach could even be misleading.

Before you buy an Escondido home or sell Escondido real estate, get an accurate picture by contacting Gary Harmon, you top Escondido Realtor.