Carlsbad by Subdivision Map

View a list of over 69 subdivisions of Carlsbad Homes listed by number and shown on a color coordinated map.  Pull up the “pdf” file below in Adobe Reader and follow a few simple instructions.  The legend on page 1 shows a list of the subdivisions by name and page 2 shows the map.   Note that the numbers in the legend correspond to the numbers shown on the subdivisions map of Carlsbad Homes. 
To better view the Carlsbad Homes for Sale Subdivision Map you can change the “View %” in the Adobe Reader toolbar   The best setting are between 75% and 150%.  You can also use the “hand” in the toolbar to drag subdivisions you want to view more closely to the center of the map before you increase the magnification.  The legend and the map can also be printed for easy viewing.  Get a Legend and Map of Carlsbad Homes by Subdivision, click here.
To view Carlsbad Homes for Sale in these subdivisions and to get any Carlsbad home info,   contact Gary Harmon.