Carlsbad Homes, A Great Place to Live

One of the communities I serve, other that the Escondido real estate area is the community of Carlsbad.  Carlsbad homes go from cottage to castle and offer something for everyone.  I have ask a guest writer to write a Carlsbad homes article for my blog that I hope you will find enjoyable.   Wyatt Fisk  wrote the article for my main website,
Residents of Carlsbad, a city in North San Diego County, California, have always prided themselves with the city’s thrust of protecting and nurturing the environment. Its beaches along its almost seven-mile coastline are ample proof of this love for nature. In Carlsbad, development can coexist with preservation, even in attractions such as shopping centers, spas and world-class golf courses.

The city is touted as a premier vacation destination, thanks in part to the various attractions that dot the city, including Carlsbad beaches like the South Carlsbad State Beach, the Carlsbad State Beach and North Carlsbad beaches that are managed by the California State Parks Department. One attraction that you shouldn’t miss while living in Carlsbad homes is Legoland, an amusement park focused on Lego bricks.

The city may be a good destination but is it also a great place to call home? If you consider all the fun you can have by staying longer in Carlsbad homes, then the answer is definitely yes. A few days or even a week is not enough time to truly enjoy Carlsbad’s scenic beauty, which includes a thousand acres or more of nature preserves, parks and lagoons linked by hundreds of hiking trails.

Carlsbad isn’t simply a city of leisure, it’s also a city of business. Carlsbad is the proud home of top sporting goods companies like Cobra Golf, TaylorMade, Callaway Golf Company and K2 Sports. Those interested in staying indefinitely in Carlsbad homes may rest easy knowing that fitness is also a thrust of companies, like 24 Hour Fitness, that have made the city their home.

Clearly, getting work isn’t a concern for those who are looking at purchasing Carlsbad homes. Education is also excellent in Carlsbad, particularly if you take into consideration the city’s 27 public and private schools, both elementary and intermediate. To aid students in their studies, the city has two libraries: the Georgina Cole Library and the Carlsbad City Library.

Due to the good education and business climate, the city has drawn the attention of reputable persons to Carlsbad homes as residences of choice. World champion skater Tony Hawk, for one, has seen merit in going back to the city of his birth. If the thought of spending an indefinite length of time in Carlsbad doesn’t appeal to you, maybe checking out properties in two other San Diego County cities might interest you – Oceanside homes for sale and Vista CA homes for sale.

Carlsbad is a city in the northern part of San Diego County in California. Its most prominent feature is a long coastline where thousands of surfers hone their skills and more than ten times that number of residents and tourists get their tan every year. If this idea does not convince you to move into Carlsbad homes, try searching for Oceanside homes for sale or Vista CA homes for sale.