Advice for Encinitas Home Sellers

Even though the Encinitas real estate market is much improved, now is not the time to slack off on presentation. The cleanest, most up-to-date Encinitas homes in the best condition and repair will always sell for more money than comparable Encinitas homes in less perfect shape. In the conforming loan range, be prepared for multiple offers, but don’t try to anticipate the Encinitas real estate market by raising the asking price beyond what can be supported by local market comparable sales. Remember, lenders, such as HomeServices Lending, are cautious and may decline your loan if they can’t justify your asking price. That will waste precious marketing time — and hurt your pricing if you end up having to put your Encinitas home back on the market because your deal fell through.

To sell your Encinitas home for the most money and in the least amount of time, list your Encinitas home with Gary Harmon, your Encinitas Realtor. See the months of Encinitas home inventory by price range below. Click on the graph to enlarge.