7 Steps to Earthquake Safety

Escondido HomeEverywhere in the Escondido real estate area may be susceptible to damage from an earthquake, maybe even a big one.  We all need to be ready.

  1. Identify earthquake hazards in your Escondido home. Secure everything around your Escondido property that might  fall and hurt someone.  This is easily done if you do items as you buy them.  For example, when I bought my big screen tv, I secured it to the wall of my Escondido home with a safety wire.  If you are starting from scratch, buy a stud finder at Escondido Home Depot or Lowes and use it to find the proper studs.  Of course, the water heater in the garage must have straps.
  2. Create a diaster plan. Talk with each one in your family and plan what to do in case of an earthquake.  Have a meeting place outside of your Escondido home, but close by so everyone can be quickly accounted for.  Learn basic first aid if possible.  Have a place away from your Escondido property you can call, preferably out of state.  The out of state phone lines won’t be as crowded.  Learn how to deal with a lack of utilities and basic services.  Also, expect aftershocks.
  3. Make up some disaster supplies kits.  These kits would be useful in any type of emergency.  Everyone in your Escondido home should have one.  It is a good idea to have one at home, school, work, etc.    You should have a large kit for your home that would last everyone three days to a week.  These kits should contain food, water, clothes, and sanitary supplies.  Your San Diego Red Cross sells kits and also has tips on what to put in the kits if you make your own.
  4. Have your Escondido property checked to identify any weaknesses.   There are common issues that a home inspector will know that could help your Escondido home be stronger.  If you just purchase an  Escondido home, your Escondido real estate inspector will have made sure you had earthquake straps.
  5. During an Earthquake you should drop, cover and hold on.  Drop to the floor, take cover under a strong table or desk, and hold on firmly.  If there are no tables closeby, drop to the floor next to an interior wall of your Escondido home.
  6. After the quake, check everything for damages or injuries.  Always be calm and take care of yourself  first so you will be ok to help others.  When  you are sure you are safe, then you can start helping others.  You need to know how to turn off leaking gas, water, or electricity if necessary.
  7. When you know you ae safe, you can continue to follow your disaster plan.  Stay away from the coast if there is any possibility of a tsunami.  Listen to your battery powered radio for any emergency instructions.  The station would be 600 AM .   Call your out of area contact and let them know you are ok.     For Escondido real estate information, call Gary Harmon, your top Escondido Realtor.


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