5 Tips on Buying Escondido Foreclosures

Know Where to Look

Current Escondido Homeowners

Current Escondido Homeowners

To be successful in the Escondido real estate foreclosure market you must know where to look.  Finding  the Escondido home listing the day it hits the market can be key.  You can find Escondido foreclosures and other San Diego County foreclosure homes using Free Foreclosure Search on this blog and on my main website, www.HomeInfoSanDiego.com.  You can find Escondido homes that have been foreclosed upon in the Quick Homes MLS search by looking for bank owned homes and also setting up a personal search on ListingBook. 

See Video “Search Like an Agent!” 

Get Help, Make Gary Harmon Your Escondido Realtor

It is ok to do searches for Escondido real estate foreclosures on your own, buy why not get free help.  Gary Harmon wants to be your Escondido Realtor and he is experienced in setting up searches and find the right Escondido home for his clients.  Do miss the next Escondido foreclosure opportunity, search yourself and have Gary Harmon also searching for you.

Be Prequalified by a Lender

Escondido homes in foreclosure and other great buys of San Diego North County real estate often sell the first weekend on the market.  To make an offer you must first find the right home and then make a quick offer.  With that offer your Escondido Realtor, Gary Harmon, must submit your prequalification letter.  Be prepared and have the letter ready by already having talked to Home Services Lending, one of Gary’s winning team members.

Write an Aggressive Offer on Your Escondido Home

Gary will be able to research the comparative sales in the area to give you a quick idea of where to make your first offer.  To be successful buying Escondido foreclosure home you usually have to pay full listing price or above.  Many Escondido foreclosure homes get multiple offers.  Banks may take the offer they feel is the strongest.  If you are thinking of making low offers and waiting for the banks to counter your offer, you will be waiting while others are being successful.  So, be mentally prepared to make a strong opening offer.

If you follow the five tips above, you will be successful in buying that Escondido foreclosure home.