Glamping Put on Hold

After a “NO” vote by the Varadero community, glamping at Lake San Marcos, San Diego, has suffered a setback.

Varadero community votes sets back CDC glamping ambitions.

Glamping has been put on hold.

The glamping sites at Lake San Marcos were constructed encroaching the Varadero homes community”s property.  The owner of CDC, Pino Vitti presented Varadero with a proposal to purchase a small strip of land which would have made the location of the 4 tents ok with the County.  They also agreed to limit glamping to only 4 tents if Varadero approved the prospal.  Varadero residents voted on the proposal and it needed 71 votes to pass.  Last night the vote was counted and the glamping proposal failed to get close to the 71 votes needed to pass.  The Board will notify the County and CDC that Varadero has rejected the entire property line adjustment proposal that would have allowed the four glamping sites to remain as they are currently positioned.

Does that mean an end of glamping?  This writer doesn’t think so and predicts that Mr. Vitti will move the sites and also add more sites to his project.  Did the residents of Varadero just “Cut off their nose to spite their face?”  I think so.